quinn ray elon alderman

my vision

I believe that Elon has the potential to be a shining example of a community that is built on collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect - where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. I am committed to fostering smart growth and development while preserving the unique character and charm of our town. Over the past four years, under my guidance, Elon has successfully advanced initiatives to improve our infrastructure, revitalize our downtown, and prioritize a more welcoming and sustainable community. Moving ahead, I will remain focused on the needs and interests of our residents and work tirelessly to create a community that is inclusive, vibrant, and prosperous for all.


I am passionate about creating positive change in our community and believe that by working together, we can build a brighter future for all.

But I cannot do this alone. I am relying on the support of grassroots donors like you to help fund my campaign and spread our message of progress and inclusivity. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help us reach more voters and bring our vision for Elon to life.

Please join me in this important mission by making a contribution to our campaign today. Together, we can build a better future for the town of Elon.

Thank you for your support and dedication for a better tomorrow


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their words

Quinn is a leader who has enables others to feel as if they have a stake in their community government by listening to a range of voices and building community here in Elon. During his last term he has dedicated his time to champion many efforts that have made our community more livable and inclusive--from non-discrimination ordinances to support of community art--and I look forward to seeing what he will do with 4 more years in office.

-Elana Kennedy Elon resident

I am supporting Quinn Ray for reelection to the Elon Town Council. I am a witness of his amazing journey, he is always there to answer my questions, supporting me every time I reached out to him. His commitment to the community, his desire for a positive change is just a fresh air during the difficult times our State, County and Country faces. Quinn Ray gives me hope.

- Martha Krall Elon resident

 I have known Quinn from before either of us were running small businesses in Elon. What I have always admired about Quinn is the passion and energy he puts into everything he does. He commits 100% and brings unwavering authentic energy that is beyond contagious. As an Elon graduate and small business owner of 15 years in Elon, I support Quinn and his commitment to our community. He understands what we need to succeed and how to get us there.

- Peter Ustach former owner of Fat Frogg and Pandoras Pies